Was the decision taken for the series Baş Belası actually a big mistake?
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30 November 2022 09:18


Was the decision taken for the series Baş Belası actually a big mistake?

Coming to the fore as the entertaining detective series of the summer months on the ATV screen, Baş Belası is a remarkable production in every aspect…

The series is a cute job that includes detective but comedy elements. It is a production that audiences are passionate about, but those who do not watch it miss a lot. 6 episodes have been released so far and the tempo has never slowed.

The story of the Baş Belası is also beautiful and stands out with its narrative style. The biggest problem with the series, which aired on Sundays, is the ratings. Baş Belası, who could not make the expected rise, achieved below-average ratings.

However, considering the concept of the series, the harmony of the lead, the course of the story, and the strong plot of the episodes, it was expected to get much better results.

Was a bad decision made by taking part in the series of trouble in the summer? So if ATV tried the series in the winter season, would there be much better results? These are the questions that started to bother the minds.

The action scenes are also well-constructed, the music is noticed, the tempo never slows down, and the element of curiosity is included, and the 7th episode of Baş Belası will meet with the audience on Sunday, August 1st

The new episode trailer has been released. Pain in the head will enchant the fans with its 7th episode again.

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