Can Yaman's holiday poses with his lover Diletta Leotta, in the Italian magazine press
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4 February 2023 11:31


Can Yaman’s holiday poses with his lover Diletta Leotta, in the Italian magazine press

Can Yaman, who is currently waiting for a drama in Italy, poses for the paparazzi on vacation with his Italian girlfriend! Yaman came to the screen with the TV series M. Wrong on Fox TV last summer. The series continued later in the season. Özge Gürel and Can Yaman were in the lead roles.

Can Yaman, who caught a rapid rise in his career with the Early Bird series, attracted great attention after changing his image for the series. In an instant, he returned to the screen in a completely different way with more muscle, long hair, clothes and jewelry.

This change he experienced for the character of Can Divit he played brought him to a different place in his career! Can Yaman was known in Italy, but he gained much more fans with the Early Bird series.

After the series “Mr Wrong” made its finale in the 14th episode, Can Yaman, who took his breath in Italy, agreed with a producer to play in a TV series called Sandokan.

He received training in riding horses, using swords, and close combat techniques for the series, which has been preparing for a while. Meanwhile, he started to have a love affair with Italy’s famous sports announcer Diletta Leotta. She acted in a pasta commercial directed by Ferzan Özpetek.

After the series finale of Mr Wrong in October, he went to Italy and almost settled there! Currently, the actor is taking a boat tour with his lover before filming the series. From time to time, he also shows his happy moments to his fans with posts on his Instagram page.

At the same time, the Italian paparazzi are after the boat! Photos of the actor’s intimate moments with his girlfriend also adorn the pages of Italian magazines.

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