Compulsory substitution occurred in Forbidden Fruit series!
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1 December 2022 12:49


Compulsory substitution occurred in Forbidden Fruit series!

Medyapım’s Forbidden Fruit series will again attract great attention with its fourth season on Fox TV screen. This is enough to explain the magnitude of interest shown in the published trailers. While shooting the series, the audience is heated to the 75th episode with short images.

Şahika goes to jail… There is a surprise in the ward… It turned out that the surprise was Ender. There is another surprise, and according to the audience’s guess, that name is none other than Yıldız, played by Eda Ece. The Forbidden Fruit has already surprised the audience with surprises. It turned out that there was a mandatory change in the series.

As it is known, İlber Uygar Kaboğlu gave life to the character of Erim… However, in the 4th season, while the character remains in place, the actor who plays this character changes.

Due to the time lapse to be experienced in the Forbidden Fruit series, the necessity for the Erim character to be played by a larger person emerged.

Arda Adil Görgen was the person who will bring the character of Erim to life in the new season.

Arda Adil Görgen, who was born in 1992, played the character of Kaya Çekilmez in 2018 in the series Angels’ Love.

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