Series News Continuation decision for ‘Forbidden Apple’ series

Continuation decision for ‘Forbidden Apple’ series


It’s much harder to hold new series on screen now …

However, Fox TV’s new series ‘Forbidden Apple’ has managed to overcome this difficulty.

As well as Monday, two very successful series, such as The Pit, The Oath and ‘Black White Love’ could stand out as an alternative.

The ‘Forbidden Apple’ series went beyond the difficulty of Monday with both the story and the successful play, and managed to hold onto it.

We are expecting that the interest which is combining the ambitious names such as ŞevvalSam, TalatBulut, EdaEce, SevdaErginci, OnurTuna will increase.

Whether it is going to be the final of this season, or whether it will continue in the future …

There is always the possibility of making a final for most new starts. But there are not ‘Forbidden Apple’ among these series …

In other words, if the scenario is not so absurdly developed, if there are no serious reductions in ratings, the series will continue to decorate Fox TV screens in the upcoming season.

At least the information that Fox TV’s decision is for this time is coming.