The most courageous love of TV dramas
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5 October 2022 03:10


The most courageous love of TV dramas

[Wounded Love] tv series recent developments

TV series is very appreciated in Turkey, also being published around the globe is entered here …

In the TV series, it is described by years of fighting leading to the establishment of the Republic of Turkey.

A great love is in the story … The love of the Hilal and Leon

The character of the Hilal is MirayDaner.

Boran Kuzum plays Leon character.

Both are very successful players.

Hilal character, a patriotic Turkish girl …

Leon is a Greek soldier who came to occupy İzmir in that period …

Despite this great opposition, they are attached to each other with love and passion.

The duo is overwhelmed by all the difficulties, and their lives are greatly influencing the followers of life.

The viewers who know that such a love is so hard in those years, loves the couple of Crescent and Leon.

BoranKuzum and MirayDaner’s successful acting was also appreciated.

Hilal – Leon is the most favorite couple among Turkish TV series.

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