Series News DemetÖzdemir and CanYaman have criticism!

DemetÖzdemir and CanYaman have criticism!


DemetÖzdemir and CanYaman’s starring trailer for the ‘Early Bird’ series was released.

The new series of Star TV screens is expected with great curiosity.

After her success in the No 309 series, DemetÖzdemir made a comeback with an assertive production.

With his impressive acting on the ‘Full Moon’, CanYaman has greatly increased his fan base.

Now, the compatibility of the new pairing is curious.

We observe that the opinions of spectators related to the knee are negative.

Watchers who commented on trailer report negative opinion about DemetÖzdemir …

“DemetÖzdemir was not going to see her first failure on this series. It will not be … I will score zero. An audience who writes the message “If you turn away from the loss, return home, everyone is at home” is quite disappointing.

There are also some followers who fall for what CanYaman can do for himself.

“CanYaman changed his image for this series. You are the best Ferit Aslan, “an audience in the interpretation is not very hopeful.

Some viewers, however, say that they are very fond of the series and can not wait to spend the summer with this series.

We have also seen comments that the fans of the ‘Full Moon’ series are still continuing to furious at Star TV …