Series News ‘Woman’ series rages the audience

‘Woman’ series rages the audience


For weeks, the expected Bahar and Sarp encounter has again been passed, and the Women’s season’s season finale has been a big disappointment for the following days.

The viewers had predicted the final scene and it was true!

Doruk and Sarp met with that season finale. Of course the predictions are ready for the next scene! Arif, who could not get the goods out of the car anyway, would finally go back to Doruk and say, “Come on boy” and Sarp will be gone for a moment.

No one will believe in Doruk’s rhetoric of seeing his father. Again, the new situation will create a situation that will last for months!

Predictions in this direction! The spectator was disappointed with the 32nd episode of the Women’s series last night. Sarp and Bahar, which were not brought together in a kind of game, were given two more sacrifices!

Jülide and Enver are dead, just because Bahar and Sarp do not see each other, just want to know!

The followers of the series, Bahar and Sarp’ın also reacted to the scenes.

The expectation of a viewer expecting a conclusion from these accidental encounters made to create excitement did not materialize.

Since the beginning of the season has been followed with great interest in the series of topics so extended that the expectation of the season could not meet the final.

If the followers can not meet expectations, it will be normal for the Women’s series to go downhill on a new occasion.