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16 May 2022 17:40


Did that word in the series Yargı put a bee in yours bonnet, too? Pınar Deniz was very impressed!

There are references to real life behind the appeal of the series Yargı so much. It was shocking to see that Ceylin’s best friend was the murderer of her brother…

It has to be said that the fact that İnci’s murderer is Engin is an important reason for questioning, as well as Ceylin, for those watching on the screen. The duo of Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu was the guest of Hakan Gence’s youtube program from Hürriyet…

Hakan Gence drew attention to the fact of Engin in the story of the series and stated that this causes people to question their trust and make those closest to them question. Pınar Deniz also stated that this situation is valid for every character.

The actress said, “Not just him, actually every character asked that question once. The character of Ilgaz lived with Metin and Çınar. I lived with my father and we continue to live. There is a similar situation in the next chapters. I am someone who thinks that we cannot get to know anyone very well in life anyway. That’s why I always start with one hundred percent confidence.”

Pınar Deniz told that when she started to think like Ceylin while playing Ceylin, she had to face everyone one by one.

The actress, who drew attention to a sentence in the series and stated that she loved it very much, said:

“I love that sentence of the show: Nobody is as much as they seem, there is always something else behind that appearance, under that iceberg. We all live with secrets, actually.”

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