No one expected this from Hande Doğandemir, it's officially a game changer!
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2 December 2022 18:53


No one expected this from Hande Doğandemir, it’s officially a game changer!

Famous actress Hande Doğandemir appeared before her fans with a new series in the new season. The actress we watched in the production of Handan, “Annemizi Saklarken”, was able to surprise everyone.

The character of Handan, which the actress successfully portrayed, attracts attention as a kind of mother that we do not expect to see in Turkish TV series. We are used to mothers who sacrifice themselves for their children or ruin their children’s lives because of their own ambitions.

Hande Doğandemir, on the other hand, almost turned the corner and revealed a different path from all the mother characters that stuck in the minds. This time, we see a mother figure who lives life for herself, not for her children. Drawing attention to the different story of the series titled “Annemizi Saklarken,” Milliyet Blog writer Anibal Güleroğlu wrote the following comment for the story of the series, saying, “A mother who has not been blessed with motherhood”:

“You know, the types of single mothers on the screens… Either they act selflessly for the sake of their children and display dramatic paintings… Or they tie their children’s heads up and put their lives on the line to find oily fortunes for them. Even in this process, if their children make choices that do not meet the criteria they want, they do their best to prevent them.

And yet, a different type of single mother has been introduced to us nowadays. Handan character, successfully played by Hande Doğandemir in ‘Hiding Our Mother’, presents a game-changing mother figure. More precisely, with her performance and rhetoric from the first episode, she exemplifies the ‘mother who is not blessed with motherhood’.”

In the TV series “Annemizi Saklarken”, all the financial difficulties of the family have fallen on the shoulders of the eldest child of the house. Her mother is not at all bothered that her daughter is taking on such a difficult responsibility. We see a mother who spends her earnings on her own clothing and elegance.

Handan, who got married at the age of 14. Handan, who has 3 children, has her own excuses and these are ahead of her children. With the character of Handan, who also stands out as a rich husband hunter, Hande Doğandemir has almost put her signature on the opposite corner.

In the character of Dündar, who accepts a mother with 3 children, Kutsi does a very successful job.

In her article, Anibal Güleroğlu also stated that the character of Handan falls under the definition of “cheap woman” and used the following expressions:

“Even though she tried to pretend to be a so-called ‘good mother’ by hiding her past experiences with her mother-in-law, she hits the bottom of the profile of a cheap woman with her dressing and make-up… Handan’s anxiety about living a comfortable life, who doesn’t mind rushing to the door of those who attribute insulting adjectives to her, is in every way getting in the way of her motherhood.

As a matter of fact, the fact that the woman who committed suicide by deceiving her children by lying and holding her hand rushed to marry her husband is the clearest proof of how weak Handan’s selfishness, simple personality and emotional side is.

There are very few serials that reveal the profile of a bad mother in such a clear and simple way. Annemizi Saklarken deserves to be watched with that detail in her story. However, the ratings of the series are quite low and if there is no rise in the coming weeks, another final decision may probably come from Star TV.

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