Dokuz Oğuz series will open a great window of opportunity for Kubilay Aka in his career!
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29 March 2023 16:16


Dokuz Oğuz series will open a great window of opportunity for Kubilay Aka in his career!

It is not easy to take part in action series and Kubilay Aka will return to the screens in 2023 with a role that will surprise his fans. The famous actor is in the lead role of Fox TV’s new soldier series called Dokuz Oğuz, which started shooting in Ankara.

The famous actor, who lost weight and became fit for his role, is experiencing the excitement of the role and counting the days to meet the audience. Explaining that the equipment they carry on them also weighs heavily, and therefore it is imperative to lose weight, Kubilay Aka stated that he loses weight to look beautiful on the screen.

On behalf of the actor, it seems that the Dokuz Oğuz series will have a completely different place in his career. Kubilay Aka has always come to the fore in side characters in the TV series he has acted in. This time, however, he is the lead character of the series, and his performance will determine the success of the story.

It will not be a surprise if the famous actor can handle such challenging action scenes. However, it is clear that the success of the series will be measured by its own performance. For Kubilay Aka, the series of Dokuz Oğuz seems to be a project where he will feel the responsibility of the leading role very clearly on his shoulders and if he is successful, he can jump in his career by getting role offers from action projects.

The shooting of the series, which started in Ankara, will continue in Istanbul, as well as in mountainous regions such as Afyon and Bilecik. The broadcast date of the series is not yet known, but there is an expectation that it will be screened on Saturday evenings at the end of January.

Kubilay Aka’s partner in the series will be Yasemin Allen. There are also Dağhan Külegeç, Tuncer Salman and Deniz Işın in the series. The series Dokuz Oğuz, which will tell the exciting story of a group of 9 soldiers, was created by Süleyman Çobanoğlu, the screenwriter of the series Savaşçı (Warrior), which lasted for 5 seasons and was a great success.

Before the shooting of the series directed by Cem Akyoldaş, special training was given to the actors. The actors, who receive training in the use of weapons, fighting techniques, military steps and command, are also supported by consultants on the set.

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