Series News The criticism of the copy of the Sipahi series The Teşkilat is not true, but I wish he had copied it!

The criticism of the copy of the Sipahi series The Teşkilat is not true, but I wish he had copied it!

Sipahi series is broadcast on Show TV screen on Monday evenings and has been screened for 4 episodes so far. The reason why the ratings of the show are falling against its tough rivals is not because the rating competition is fierce. Sipahi is not the most sought after in an action series. In other words, its action is weak and cannot even come close to the criticized action event of the Agency series.

If the audience could reach the action power of the Teşkilat (Organization), they would watch the Sipahi series more excitedly. However, it is not possible for him to approach the TV series The Teşkilat, which is criticized for copying Sipahi’s concept in this action. Many viewers can’t help but think, “I wish they had copied The Teşkilat, it would have been better.”

Kaan Yıldırım and Kerem Alışık stand out as two names who are worthy of their roles but have the problem of not being able to feel the action fully to the audience. Özge Gürel, on the other hand, stands at a completely different point. It would not be right to say that this role suits the actress, whom we watched as Canan, the counter-terrorism commissioner.

According to many TV series fans, Özge Gürel does her best, but there is a problem with the character written for her. The viewers, who are angry that the character of Canan still does not understand that Korkut Ali is an agent, think that Özge Gürel’s incompatibility with the role is reflected in the scenes.

A fan of the series, who left a comment on the 5th episode trailer of the series, says: “I want Canan to be a part of the team now. It feels so separate. I hope this situation changes quickly. If the commissioner learns about ours and enters them, a new issue will arise.”

Even in the audience’s commentary, it is clear how much there is a need for new topics and new events. Many people have similar thoughts and think that the story written for Özge Gürel is incomplete.

The viewers, waiting for Canan and Korkut Ali to operate together and for the script to reveal this, believe that this will bring action to the series.

Another viewer, who thinks that the series has been in place for 4 episodes, thinks that the character of Canan is an unnecessary character as it stands. The audience drew attention to the following detail in her comments: “If it goes like this, Canan will make the series final. Özge Gürel suits the series, but the script written does not suit her.”

You can see many messages from the viewers stating that there is a serious problem in the script, especially for the character of Canan, in the social media environment.