Ece Yüksel, the İnci of the Yargı series, got married! And look with whom!
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29 September 2022 01:03


Ece Yüksel, the İnci of the Yargı series, got married! And look with whom!

The actress Ece Yüksel, who gave life to the character of “İnci” in Kanal D’s record-breaking TV series, Yargı (Judgment), entered the world house.

The character of İnci, the key name of the Yargı series, remained in the story for a very short time, but since everything in the scenario is related to the death of this character, Ece Yüksel, who plays the character of ‘İnci Erguvan’, became a name that is often mentioned in the series but takes place in few scenes.

The actress came to the fore with her private life last June. Ece Yüksel announced that she was engaged with the following words, with the sharing she shared on her Instagram account. “We got engaged on June 4th, may we have many happy years of looking at each other with such love. We would like to thank our family and loved ones who stood by us on this special day.”

Ece Yüksel got married with her childhood sweetheart, Martin Wevers, in a simple ceremony between the family. Announcing the good news with her social media accounts, the actress said, “We got married today, we will celebrate our wedding with our loved ones next year.” she shared her message.

The actress, who makes her fans happy with her sharing, is not involved in a project at the moment. Ece Yüksel, in her statement in the past months, said that negotiations for the new project continue.

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