Sinem Ünsal's farewell to Gizli Saklı series was very special!
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29 September 2022 02:18


Sinem Ünsal’s farewell to Gizli Saklı series was very special!

The series Gizli Saklı (Secret Hidden), which started to be broadcast on Fox TV in the summer and is different from its competitors with its detective comedy story, unfortunately did not attract the expected attention.

The final decision was made about Gizli Saklı, in which Sinem Ünsal and Halit Özgür Sarı, in the lead roles, exhibited a harmonious partnership.

The beautiful actress Sinem Ünsal, who gave life to the character of “Naz” in the series, said goodbye to her beloved character and teammates with a social media post.

The actress used the following emotional expressions in her sharing; “You came to the most beautiful corner of my Gizli Saklı heart, you settled down by gliding, I’m glad you touched my life. Our story, the heroes of our story, the witnesses of our story; My heart is overflowing thanks to you. A thousand thanks to everyone who contributed and to you who witnessed this journey. Haa too; I love you very much, Naz.”

The actress shared many behind-the-scenes photos of the series with her followers on her social media account. The strict followers of Gizli Saklı, who said goodbye to her audience on Wednesday, August 3, are still confused.

Thousands of comments were made under the photos by the followers of the actress in a short time. While comments such as ‘We loved you so much’, ‘We will miss you so much!’, and ‘Goodbye Naz’, some comments indicate that at least the 8th final episode of the series satisfies the audience.

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