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12 August 2022 15:43


Elkızı series second episode ratings are both positive and negative!

All fans are eagerly awaiting the ratings results of the Elkızı series, the second episode of which was broadcast on Fox TV. Although the story of the series received some criticism, it was generally accepted… Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz were given a passing grade from the audience.

The first episode of the Elkızı series started with not bad rates. Similar rates were obtained in the second part of the series. In other words, this is a very important development in terms of not losing viewers. The second important development is the increase in the category of all people compared to the first episode, which can be considered as a plus.

Finishing the day in fifth place in all individuals and ABC1 groups, the series achieved the fourth place in the EU. In order for the Elkızı series to progress, better rates need to come. However, as the chapters progressed, it was seen that this could be achieved.

It is an important message that the ratings of the drama reveal the possibility of being positive for the future. However, the fact that the ratings were slightly lower than the ratings of the first episode in both AB and ABC1 groups was also a negative aspect.

We can evaluate that the series is generally liked by its story and that an increase in the upcoming episodes is more likely than a decrease.

The third new episode of the Elkızı series will be broadcast on Saturday, November 6 at 20:00. In this episode, how the ratings will come will be of great importance.

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