Emotional farewell from Burak Deniz to Maraşlı!
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30 September 2022 09:42


Emotional farewell from Burak Deniz to Maraşlı!

It’s time to say goodbye to Maraşlı, one of the most popular TV series of ATV. The Maraşlı series, starring Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, will bid farewell to the screens with the 26th episode to be broadcast on Tuesday, July 13.

Filming on the set of the Maraşlı series ended as of yesterday. Everyone on the team went their separate ways, either for vacation or preparing for the next project. Burak Deniz, who played the character of Maraşlı in the series and made a big leap in his career with this role, said goodbye to the series with an emotional share he made on his Instagram account. Burak Deniz wrote in his farewell message:

We have come to the end of another story 🙂

There is a lot to say and write, of course.. but when you say tell, some things seem to go empty again in some cases :))

What an adventure it was, but the most meaningful thing to say.. first of all, thank you very much for what “Maraşlı” has given me, and then my heartfelt thanks to all my dear Maraşlı team. To our dear producers @timursavciofficial and @burak.sagyasar, to @banu_gundogdu, who made “ok Burakçım, let’s calm down” a password between us on the set, I don’t know with whom I would have completed this story without him, my dear, who never spared me, both in the game and on the set. Can you establish a bond of love from the camera to @alinaboz, my directors @ardasarigun and @ozlemgunhan, who trust me to the end and liberate me as much as possible? Sincere thanks to the very dear camera group (especially @h_okumus ) @ozgrcubukcu @yetkinkodal who answered the question and to all my teammates who worked on me one by one!

I’m glad I got to know you. Whatever happened, thanks to you, sir. Please, I will not be able to pass without saying that what I could not write should not be broken. Well, of course, our very esteemed scenario group; I hope our paths cross, apart from the actors, there are so many things that I learned apart from the set. All of you take care of yourselves, thank you.

Before I forget! Ah Celal kün woe Mehmet İnce.. Farewell to you too, what you make me feel will remain hidden in me with all the memories of pain and sound :))) #maraşlıson”

As soon as Burak Deniz completed his work on the Maraşlı set, he went to Italy for his new project. The famous actor who went to Rome is expected to meet the Cahil Periler on the set soon.

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