Emre Kıvılcım and Rabia Soytürk could be the most surprising TV series couple of 2023!
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2 April 2023 09:02


Emre Kıvılcım and Rabia Soytürk could be the most surprising TV series couple of 2023!

With the first trailer being broadcast on Kanal D, the new series called Veda Mektubu (Farewell Letter) started to be talked about more on social media. There are very experienced names in the lead roles in the series. Nurgül Yeşilçay, Selim Bayraktar and Bennu Yıldırımlar drew attention at first, and two young actors will be the leading names of the story.

We are talking about Emre Kıvılcım and Rabia Soytürk duo. The two young actors, who came to the fore as a new series couple with the Veda Mektubu series, were always in the spotlight with the successful projects they took part in. Being the lead role of an effective story together will be an important career test for them.

Emre Kıvılcım and Rabia Soytürk seem to be a very good TV series couple in the images from the set. The duo, whose harmony and energies are very good, is a candidate to be one of the most striking TV series couples in 2023. In fact, according to the course of the story, the duo may even reach the summit among the most talked about TV series couples on social media.

Rabia Soytürk’s fans, who have been on the social media agenda since the summer with the youth series Duy Beni (Hear Me), are pleased that the actress has taken the lead role again in a very different project in a short time.

Rabia Soytürk, who had a great career break with the TV series Benim Adım Melek (My Name is Melek), increases her fan base and is known as one of the most successful actresses.

Emre Kıvılcım is also praised for his performance in successful projects. The fact that two young actors shoulder the burden of the leading role in such an important series also shows the producer’s trust in them.

The Veda Mektubu series tells how the characters Alanur and Ziya reunite after years because of their children.

There are actors such as Hakan Karsak, Hazar Motan, Asya Kasap, and Elif Çakman in the series written by Deniz Akçay.

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