Erkan Meriç and Yalçın Hafızoğlu fans will be very surprised at the Gülümse Kaderine series!
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28 January 2023 15:46


Erkan Meriç and Yalçın Hafızoğlu fans will be very surprised at the Gülümse Kaderine series!

The Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Destiny) series started and the details of the characters began to emerge. Erkan Meriç fans will be torn between liking and not loving the character of Fırat! Yalçın Hafızoğlu appeared before his fans with a very enjoyable character to play.

Famous actor Erkan Meriç returned to the sets last year after taking a break from TV series for a while. The young actress, who has been on the sets since 2012, attracted attention with the TV series Beyaz Karafil and Adını Sen Koy.

The actor, who we could not see on the sets for a long time after the “Adını Sen Koy” project, returned to the series in 2021 with the Savaşçı (Warrior) after a 5-year separation. The actor, who appeared in 10 episodes in the fifth season of the Savaşçı series, attracted attention with the character of Bektaş Subaşı.

While the fans of Erkan Meriç’s return to the TV series are very pleased, the new role of the actor has also emerged. The actor, whom we started watching in the new series of Fox TV, named Gülümse Kaderine, plays the character named Fırat. According to Erkan Meriç, the audience will be undecided about this character.

The actor said, “You can be torn between liking and disliking. I do not know. He is a character that the audience and I will be the opposite of, and he got me very excited.”

Erkan Meriç, with these words, stated that he would surprise the audience in the series Gülümse Kaderine.

The name that played another interesting character in the series was Yalçın Hafızoğlu… The actor, who made a strong impression with his successful performance in the band Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz ( The Bandit), returned to the series sets again.

Yalçın Hafızoğlu described the character of Can with these words: “He is an interesting character. A somewhat emotional character. He is a character who presses on his every emotion, reflects every emotion on the other side, maybe makes him live. Have fun playing. He gets excited, sad, happy from place to place. He’s a very fun character to play, in my opinion. I hope I can reflect that across.”

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