Fans who want to see Keremcem in TV series will be very upset by this news!
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31 January 2023 14:15


Fans who want to see Keremcem in TV series will be very upset by this news!

Keremcem is a name that is appreciated not only for his musicianship but also for his acting. Recently, he took part in Fox TV’s program called Maske Kimsin Sen? The actor last played a role in the TV series Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows), which was broadcast on ATV and made the final with its 27th episode.

Keremcem, who did not take part in the series after this series published in 2019, seems to upset his fans a little with his final decision! Keremcem, who started acting in 2005 with the Aşk Oyunu (Love Game) series, also played in the TV series İki Yabancı, Elif, Tövbeler Tövbesi, O Hayat Benim, Küçük Ortak, İki Yalancı, Aşk ve Mavi, Çember, Kimse Bilmez, Yetiş Zeynep .

Keremcem has been trying to combine his acting and music career for many years. Recently, he had to take a break from his music studies for a while after he took part in consecutive TV series.

Keremcem, who is loved for his singing and missed for his compositions, now wants to devote more time to his music studies. The actor, who was talked about with the character of Ateş in the TV series O Hayat Benim, was also appreciated for his performance in other TV series.

But Keremcem’s musicianship also needs to be put in a separate place… His audience can’t wait to see him on stage more and to listen to his albums and new songs.

Keremcem, who has been away from the television screen for more than 2 years, also attracted attention with his competition program called Maske Kimsin Sen and longed for his fans. The actor, who continues his music studies now, gave information about his new projects.

Keremcem stated that he made an album of 10 songs and it took 1.5 years, “We will be seeing it like the end of May. Beautiful songs. “I miss music, I miss making albums,” he said.

Keremcem, who will take a break from acting for a while, said, “My first reason for coming was music. You lose your focus when acting comes in. The songs also piled up. We don’t need to make an album just because no one is doing it,” he said.

Expressing that he was hesitant about bringing acting and music together, Keremcem said, “If it’s going to prevent music that much, I’m a little bit… Corona made us realize a lot of things. It made me realize that too. I moved away from music.” made the statement.

Explaining that when there were too many live broadcasts from social media during the coronavirus period, he moved away from this environment and became cold, he also stated that he lost some followers.

Keremcem, who stated that he will be effective on social media again with his album, said, “There has been less than 100 thousand people, why are you leaving, friends. When the album comes out, follow it later,” he sent a message to his fans.

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