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6 July 2022 11:06


Especially the female audience of Sadakatsiz, whose ratings have decreased, is now very uncomfortable with a subject!

The situations in Kanal D’s gripping series Sadakatsiz, which has been going on since last season, have been a bit annoying in recent weeks. At one point in the story of the series, whose ratings fell, it began to disturb the audience very much. The audience, who said that they were very nervous now, expressed their reaction on social media.

Bringing Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen, Caner Cindoruk together in the lead roles, and adding a strong name like Berkay Ateş to her cast this season, the series “Sadakatsiz” is getting tough when it says things are completely resolved. The new season is marked by the love of Asya and Aras, played by Cansu Dere and Berkay Ateş.

The love between Asya and Aras is quite eventful. The discovery that Aras was married suddenly put Asya in Derin’s position, and the audience reacted greatly. However, the relationship improved again when Aras, who was in the divorce phase, told the truth to Asya.

A promotion from the new episode of Sadakatsiz was shared on the social media account. In the promotion, Asya and Aras are dancing. Then Aras takes out a ring and proposes to Asya. However, just then, we see Ali and his father Volkan, who were banging on the window outside, watching them.

This scene caused the audience’s patience to run out. Because there is a very important issue in Sadakatsiz that disturbs the audience. Volkan’s harassment, which now amounts to psychological violence, and their son Ali’s shouting like a little child. The audience is now very fed up with these two characters and what they are doing.

Especially despite the fact that they are divorced, the fact that Volkan tries to put pressure on Asya makes the audience very uncomfortable. Viewers are also expressing their reactions on social media.

A viewer reacted, “Asya and Aras are so beautiful like a dream. Psychological violence by Ali and Volkan. This is no different from femicide. Doesn’t a divorced woman have a right to be happy?” expressed in her words.

Another viewer drew attention to the psychological violence that Volkan inflicted on Asya and said: Especially, Volkan’s statements like I want you back to Asia in every episode are really psychological violence. Every episode is the same love.”

One viewer emphasized that such scenes fuel femicide and said, “As long as there are TV series like this, #femicide will not end in this country.” she typed.

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