Esra Ruşan is most upset about the end of the Masumlar Apartmanı!
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7 December 2022 17:22


Esra Ruşan is most upset about the end of the Masumlar Apartmanı!

The final episode of the TRT1 series named Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocents Apartment) will be broadcast on Tuesday, May 24. The actress, who plays the character of Esra Şafak in the series, has been on the sets since 2007.

Esra Ruşan attracted attention with the character of Melis in the TV series Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar (Sweet Little Liars). The actress, who also attracted attention with the character of Emine in the TV series Vatanım Sensin, recently attracted the attention of a large fan base with the character of Esra in the series Masumlar Apartmanı. The actor is disturbed by the end of the project in the second season.

Esra Ruşen, who stated that she was not satisfied with the finale of the Masumlar Apartmanı in the program called Dayı Show, which she participated in the Gain TV platform, said, “I never wanted it to end, I was never bored. If it were up to me, I would like it to continue for 5 more years,” she said.

Explaining that she was nicknamed “pole” because of her height of 1.78 on the set of the series, the actress also expressed that she missed the theater stages, which she was away from because of the tempo of the series.

Ruşan said, “When I’m involved in a theater play, I get involved in every field” and said that she said this because she was curious.

Esra Ruşan, who has played very different roles in her career, added that she has no desire to portray certain characters and that she continues her profession by playing the roles that come.

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