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6 July 2022 03:49


Even tears could not save Volkan in Sadakatsiz! The audience did not forgive the betrayal!..

The TV series Sadakatsiz, which marked the Wednesday evenings on the Kanal D screen, gives a very successful performance. Berkay Ateş, who has just joined the series, starring Caner Cindoruk, Cansu Dere and Melis Sezen, sat on the story with the character of “Aras”.

The series locked the audience to the screen with its 36th episode aired last night. While the new character played by Berkay Ateş increased the excitement of the audience, it also led to a great innovation in the story of the series. Asia’s path now passes through Aras… The wind of change, which started with the kiss of the two characters, seems to highlight fantasy and romance in the series.

With the love of Asya and Aras, the character of Volkan also started to have jealousy crises. The episode aired last night was marked by the tears of Volkan, who saw Asya and Aras kissing. However, the audience did not feel sorry for Volkan despite the tears. The Sadakatsiz audience, who did not forgive Volkan’s betrayal, shared many posts on social media as follows.

In the episode aired last night, where Asya and Aras appeared hand in hand for the first time, signals were given that Volkan’s reaction against the love of the two would be very harsh. In the series, it seems that things will get very complicated in the love triangle in the following episodes. Sadakatsız will meet the audience with its 37th episode on Wednesday, November 3rd.

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