Artists News Everyone is misled about TolgaSaritas

Everyone is misled about TolgaSaritas


TolgaSaritas, the player of ‘The Oath’, did not claim to have had love with EbruSahin, the ‘Bride of Istanbul’ actress..

He, who participated in the award ceremony of Magazine Journalists Association met with magazins for the first time after the news.

‘The word’ took part in the award ceremony for the whole team. Before the ceremony, the whole team responded to the questions asked by the reporters.

TolgaSaritas was displayed with EbruSahin who took part in ‘Bride of Istanbul’ series at the exit of a place in the past days and news about love had emerged.

Following these reports, the handsome player denied his allegations that he had a love affair with EbruSahin by giving the answer “I am not a girl because of the wrong news” and asked “Is this your girlfriend of the latest news?”