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FahriyeEvcen’s attitude is disturbing


The two famous names BurakÖzçivit and FahriyeEvcen crowned their long-standing relationship with marriage a while ago.

Evcen and Özçivit have very interesting attitudes in social media.

They are always publishing their own photos from their social media accounts before and after their marriage. But not in pairs, but in their own photos.

The cause of this situation is in fact never understood by the fans.

It is not known whether they are famous, they are the faces of different brands, but even after the wedding, this situation has not changed even on the honeymoon.

It is understood from photographs that they share each other separately from their own social media accounts.

This interesting attitude of the couple that their fans want to see together causes occasional comments.

This time, however, the situation changed during the Safari tour, where the two of them had recently been released.

FahriyeEvcen, who loved a hedgehog, first put her own photographs during the tour. Probably these photos are taken by her husband Burak Özçivit.

Later on, her photographs with her husband Burak Özçivit were also published and she wrote the message “Under the influence of growth” in English.

Even in the midst of the magazine, comments were made about this situation.

BurakÖzçivit liked the photograph but it was seen that he did not share it on his own page.

It is increasingly becoming a matter of curiosity that the audience who rarely use dual photographs put their thoughts under these attitudes.

Nobody knows how to avoid photographing a couple together, whose happiness is also known by everyone!

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