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16 May 2022 21:01


Famous actress Alina Boz took the first step towards marriage!

Actress Alina Boz, who is preparing to share the lead role with the famous actor Çağatay Ulusoy in the TV series Süslü Korkuluk, is also going through active days in her private life.

The beautiful actress has been with Sezen Aksu’s son Mithat Can Özer for a long time. According to the news of Mehmet Üstündağ from Hürriyet Newspaper, the couple decided to live together.

Alina Boz and Mithat Can Özer couple, who are said to have separated, decided to move to the same house as they did not break up. The couple rented a villa from Zekeriyaköy for 45 thousand liras per month in order to be secluded and live together. Mehmet Üstündağ used the following statements about the couple’s relationship in his article;

“It was alleged that Alina Boz and Mithat Can Özer, who have been together for 3 years, broke up last month. But my sources said that the couple did not separate, on the contrary, they moved forward in their relationship and moved into the same house. The beautiful actress prefers to live out of sight with the musician, who is the son of Sezen Aksu. For this reason, the couple who rented a detached villa in Zekeriyaköy, far from the city, sacrificed 45 thousand liras per month.”

Alina Boz, who shared the lead role of Ömer Faruk Sorak’s new film Bandırma Füze Kulübü with Deniz Can Aktaş, was in Bandırma for a while due to the shootings. It is said that the beautiful actress, who returned to Istanbul after completing the shooting, is now in a hurry to settle in her new home.

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