Artists News Fans of Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna, let’s go to Disney Plus!

Fans of Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna, let’s go to Disney Plus!


Benden Ne Olur (What Happens With Me) movie starring Hazal Kaya and Onur Tuna. Disney Plus gave the good news to the audience, who could not watch the movie titled, in the movie theater, in the past weeks.

Benden Ne Olur, was announced from the social media account of the platform that Disney Plus bought the movie. The movie, which Kaya and Tuna fans are eagerly waiting for, has been broadcast on the digital platform.

Hazal Kaya appeared in front of the camera with Onur Tuna, Enis Arıkan, Selin Şekerci and Nur Fettahoğlu. The movie was released on January 14, 2022. Aslı Kızmaz and Müge Öztürk wrote the screenplay of the movie directed by Murat Şenöy.

The movie Benden Ne Olur tells the story of a young woman named Sertab Bal. Sertab Bal; She is a character that every woman, and maybe even everyone, can find something of herself while watching her life. Sertab, who has reached the age of 28 but has not been able to achieve the ‘regular’ life expected from all her surroundings, is a young woman who constantly changes her mind about the things she wants, does not fit into the stereotypes, and is in search of identity.

Sertab, who was left homeless and penniless after her elder sister was burning her wonderful house, has a big break when she says “Nothing will happen to you, Sertab” and decides to hold on to her life, which has been thrown away by promising her “what will happen to me” to show everyone. This decision starts Sertab’s adventure full of love, heartbreak, success and failure.