Artists News Fans of Kardeşlerim were annoyed with Harika, but they loved Gözde Türker very much!

Fans of Kardeşlerim were annoyed with Harika, but they loved Gözde Türker very much!


Actress Gözde Türker, who plays the character of Harika in the TV series Kardeşlerim (meaning: My Brothers), shared rumors from the set. The young actress gave some information about her co-star Cihan Şimşek, who plays the character of Oğulcan in the story.

Stating that Cihan is someone who talks everywhere and with everyone on the set, Gözde Türker said, “His energy never ends. Sometimes the whole team is finished by the morning, but Cihan is still talking.”

Cihan Şimşek, who also draws attention with his social media posts, also shows that he is one of the most entertaining names on the set.

Stating that Berk Ali Çatal had a thoughtful attitude on the set and Lizge Cömert was always smiling, Gözde Türker stated that she worked and sometimes enjoyed herself.

Talking about the dialogues she lived on the street, the actress said that they loved her very much, although the audience was annoyed with her Harika character. The actress said, “They approach very sincerely, they approach it very fondly.”

The actress, who also shared a memory of her life on the street, said:

“Sometimes, in that sincerity, the reality of Harika’s existence comes out. Recently, an aunt came to our school with her granddaughter. She’ll pass right by me, I heard all she said. She looked at me and said seriously to her grandson, “‘this is the annoying kid'”. I laughed so much that people are so sweet, they love us too.”

Gözde Türker, who was born in Istanbul in 1995, graduated from the Theater Department of the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. The actress, who has gained a huge fan base with the TV series Kardeşlerim, draws attention with her talents and beauty.