Artists News Fans will love the new project of Tansel Öngel, the Naci of the Masumlar Apartmanı series!

Fans will love the new project of Tansel Öngel, the Naci of the Masumlar Apartmanı series!


Tansel Öngel is one of the successful actors of the TV series Masumlar Apartmanı, broadcast on TRT1 on Tuesday evenings. Tansel Öngel, who entered the story of the series as a guest but took his place in the second season as the audience loved the character of Naci, draws attention with his different talents.

Tansel Öngel, who showed his talent as a presenter as well as his acting in the competition show “Mask Kimsin Sen”, also works with a music group. The actor has taken steps to make his music subject professional.

Tansel Öngel stated that he should combine both acting and music and said, “Each song tells a story. We are also doing a project to support this with a lot of songs connected to a main story.”

Tansel Öngel spoke assertively, stating that together with the music group, they will tell tight stories and have them listen to tight songs. The actor acts with the group that makes Black Sea music and said that he has lived in the Black Sea region for many years in both theater and TV series projects.

Tansel Öngel said, “Places I know very well geographically. Places I fell in love with. I am very much in love with the people, culture, songs and folk songs of that place. Black Sea people are very special to us. It is very special in our history, and it is very special now.”

Explaining that he has been following rap music for 15 years, the actor stated that he also likes new rap music singers. Explaining that he also went to rap concerts and watched live performances, Tansel Öngel said that he could work on rap in the future.

Explaining that he gets tired when he doesn’t work, the TV series and music works don’t make his tired, the actor stated that he feels bad when he doesn’t have a job.

Stating that acting and music feed each other, Tansel Öngel said, “Acting will continue because it is my main profession. Music is also an area where I rehabilitate myself. That’s why both of them will continue very intensely,” he said.