Farah Zeynep Abdullah made fun of the press!
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25 March 2023 19:58


Farah Zeynep Abdullah made fun of the press!

Farah Zeynep Abdullah, one of the most talked about actresses of recent days… First of all, it fell like a bomb on the agenda with the sudden decision to leave the Masumlar Apartmanı, one of the most ambitious TV series of TRT 1. Inci, played by Abdullah since the first episode, was one of the most important characters of the series, and fans called the departure of the young actress “leaving the team down”.

Abdullah, who was even subjected to severe insults by her fans and viewers of the series, did not respond to criticism at all. She was then caught between her dogs fighting and nearly lost her finger. The fans did not spare their messages of getting well soon to the famous actors.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah finally came to the fore with her hair. This time, according to media reports, a fan of the actress, who dyed some of her hair green, commented, “What’s green hair, Zeynep, you look like a it’s pretty bad”. Again, according to the news, Abdullah was very upset with this comment and filed a criminal complaint against this person on the grounds that she was humiliated and humiliated.

However, the young actress denied the news with a post she made on her Twitter account. Abdullah wrote in her post, “There is the smell of new news in Istanbul this morning, adorned with ignorance.”

As the news continued to be published, Abdullah made a new post on her Twitter account this time. In her post, she made fun of the news by saying, “I ran crying, my hair was like shit, they said, what will happen to the prosecutor, now I said, clean me from this embarrassment”.

Her fans also appreciated Abdullah for this ironic post. The viewers made it clear that they were with her, noting that Abdullah’s post was very clever.

Here are some of the messages:

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