Artists News Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s singing show on Gülizar tv series!

Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s singing show on Gülizar tv series!


The famous actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s singing songs for the Gülizar series exceeded 1 million views.

The famous actor is also acclaimed for his songs.

Kanal D’s popular series, which comes on screen every Saturday evening, is also highly acclaimed for his songs as well as Gülizar’s story and strong actress cadre.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah, who gave life to Gülizar in the series, has played 5 different tracks so far. Singing and music songs belonging to Çiğdem Erken were watched on YouTube in a short time and exceeded 1 million. Zehra Belevi is the vocal coach of Abdullah who is acclaimed for his powerful voice.

Gülizar signature also scored a first in Turkey. The main character of the series is personally drawn and assembled by Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Berkay Ateş and Gülizar’s management of the YouTube channel, which is broadcasted by songwriters who are told by musician friend Fettah, and the specially prepared clips of this channel are personally edited and twitter and instagram accounts of Gülizar character are recorded by famous star Farah Zeynep Abdullah personally managed

Here are the songs that Farah Zeynep Abdullah said: