Series News Fox TV’s Son Yaz decision solved Ali Atay’s problem!

Fox TV’s Son Yaz decision solved Ali Atay’s problem!

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Famous actor Ali Atay gives life to the character of Prosecutor Selim in the TV series Son Yaz. Ali Atay, who enchants his fans with his successful acting performance, has been experiencing great intensity recently when he has been involved in consecutive projects.

The actor, who made a statement to the journalists at the birthday party of his wife Hazal Kaya the previous day, said that he will have a very busy period due to both Son Yaz and Leyla ve Mecnun series.

Ali Atay, who started to come to the Fox TV screen last season with the Son Yaz series, participated in the shooting of the new season of the Leyla ile Mecnun series for the Exxen platform during the summer period.

The famous actor, who went on the set for Son Yaz after a short vacation, announced that the shooting for the new season of Leyla ve Mecnun will begin soon.

Ali Atay said that he worked very hard and he did not know how to continue the sets of both Son Yaz and Leyla ve Mecnun. Fox TV came to the rescue of the famous actor.

Fox TV's Son Yaz decision solved Ali Atay's problem! 7

Fox TV management, who did not accept the continuation of Son Yaz series with low ratings, decided that the 26th episode would be the finale. Farewell sharing was also made on the official account of the series.

Only 2 episodes remain from Son Yaz series. This decision, taken before the second season of Leyla ile Mecnun, should have relieved Ali Atay the most. The famous actor was in a situation where he did not know how to handle two sets.

Now, in the new situation, Son Yaz will end soon and Ali Atay will be able to prepare for Leyla ve Mecnun. The decision of the Fox TV management also solved this density problem of Ali Atay.