Furkan Palalı's name is spreading rapidly around the world!
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1 December 2022 06:34


Furkan Palalı’s name is spreading rapidly around the world!

Furkan Palalı, the famous actor who has reached a wide fan base all over the world with her TV series, continues to be on the agenda in social media. Finally, the handsome actor, who portrayed the character of Fikret Fekeli in the Bitter Lands TV series, sent messages to his fans again. Fans of Furkan Palalı from Chile to Spain, on the other hand, came together on zoom and expressed their feelings with the videos they shot.

Turkish TV series, which have been meeting with viewers all over the world in recent years, have made a great contribution to the formation of a large fan base. While Turkish actors are defined as stars, especially in South America, there are hundreds of thousands of people who display their admiration on social media… Furkan Palalı has become one of the rising stars of the last period.

Furkan Palalı, who has a huge fan base especially in Spain and Italy with the TV series “No 309” and “My Sweet Lie”, is now gaining admiration in many countries of the world with his performance in the series “Bitter Lands”. The flood of love for the actor is shared on social media by many fans in different languages ​​and different cultures.

While some of his fans express his love for Palalı by sharing frames from the series, others publish videos of their feelings.

Finally, female fans in Chile, Italy, Spain and Macedonia, who came together via zoom, praised the handsome actor and made predictions about the future episodes of the series.

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