The shocking breakup in the A Miracle
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27 November 2022 15:30


The shocking breakup in the A Miracle

A Miracle series, which showed a great success with its first season, could not regain all of the audience it left when it returned to the screen after the pandemic… The success of Taner Ölmez in the character of Ali Vefa, which broke the rating records in the first period it started on the Fox TV screen and made a strong impression with its different story. it was very important for the series to reach today.

Taner Ölmez, who portrayed a doctor with autism, not only exhibited a great acting, but also brought a new and completely different world to the homes of the audience… The second season of the A Miracle series, in which names such as Onur Tuna, Hazal Türesan, Murat Aygen, Reha Özcan, Sinem Ünsal were also included in the cast, is again It drew attention with effective episodes but with decreasing ratings compared to the first season.

Nevertheless, Fox TV series, which achieved good rates in the competition with Bitter Lands on Thursday, remained locked in the 7th rating. The progress of the last episode towards the 9’s showed that the series won viewers again. However, the ratings of the 42nd episode, which aired last night, are again telling a comeback. This should be the first sign of a problem for the series that has decreased to 6 levels in total … A Miracle, which holds 7 proportions in EU and ABC1 and catches the general average of the second season, needs new characters and new details in order to reach higher rates.

In the meantime, the separation message of Seda Bakan, who joined the series in the second season, surprised everyone.

The player, who participated in the series with Ferda character, returned to the sets after a long time. Seda Bakan thought for a while after the proposal was made, made comparisons with other offers and finally preferred the A Miracle.

The actress announced her leaving from her Instagram account with the following words: “I said goodbye to A Miracle and Ferda tonight. It was a very beautiful and tiring process. See you again on good projects. ”

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