Series News Gecenin Ucunda and Bir Peri Masalı series shared the same fate!

Gecenin Ucunda and Bir Peri Masalı series shared the same fate!


Recently, one of the projects that tried to impress the audience by making big promotions was the Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night) on Star TV, and Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale) on Fox TV… Channels made huge promotional campaigns for both series.

There are two successful names, such as Kadir Doğulu and Neslihan Atagül, who have millions of fans in the series “Gecenin Ucunda”. The couple, who turned the partnership process in the Fatih Harbiye TV series into love and got married, has now returned to the screen with the series they are producing partners.

Gecenin Ucunda, it was expected to have a solid story and much better ratings with its effective cast. However, this shows that the expectations for the first episode did not come true.

The Fox TV series, which shared the same fate as Gecenin Ucunda, became Bir Peri Masalı… Bir Peri Masalı, which was previously announced as Zengin Kız (Rich Girl) but whose name was changed at the last moment, gave Alina Boz fans a lot of hope.

The young actress, who has always played the leading role in good projects and has a very large fan base, has not yet received the expected attention in Bir Peri Masalı.

The partnership of Tarık Emir Tekin, who made a very successful debut in the series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), with Alina Boz, seems to be appreciated if you look at the comments on the social media.

Gecenin Ucunda and Bir Peri Masalı series shared the same fate! 7

It is questioned how far both the Gecenin Ucunda and Bir Peri Masalı TV series can go with the ratings so far. Milliyet TV critic Sina Koloğlu also thinks that both series did not make a good debut.

In his comments on social media, Koloğlu wrote the following for the two TV series: “‘Bir Peri Masalı’ and ‘Gecenin Ucunda’ did not receive the expected ‘ratings’. How long will it go on like this?”

Sina Koloğlu’s question also contains an allusion. It is not known how much it is possible for the series to continue on their way with these ratings, but it is necessary to evaluate the fact that a great effort has been put forth for both productions.