Gökçe Bahadır's new series holds! Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey is the bomb!
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7 October 2022 08:13


Gökçe Bahadır’s new series holds! Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey is the bomb!

The new series, Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, will meet with the audience on Fox TV. After 3 years, Gökçe Bahadır will return to the television screen. The subject of the new series will be about marriages and divorces.

Gökçe Bahadır will appear before the audience as a divorce lawyer. In addition to important female actors such as Gökçe Eyüboğlu, Sumru Yavruck, Tülin Ece; male actors were also chosen as remarkable names. Sarp Akkaya, Yiğit Kirazcı, Fırat Altumeşe, Ali İpin, Berta Aslani and Erdal Küçükkömürce draw attention as other names in the cast of the series.

The first trailer of the BBC series, which is an adaptation of the TV series “The Split”, has been released. Series fans gave positive expressions in their comments to the first trailer. Many series fans made predictions that the show would get good ratings, saying, “This will work.”

You can see very positive comments for Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey series on social media. Her fans loved the new image of Gökçe Bahadır. It has been announced that the series will be broadcast on Fox TV screen soon. However, no exact date was given. Estimates suggest that the first episode will air in September.

The general story of the series, which is being shot in Istanbul, is as follows: The reactions and differences of four very different women from the Cevher family to their common past will be discussed. We will see all the stages of a marriage through these four female protagonists.

Here is the first trailer of the series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, in which Neslihan Yeldan guest starred:

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