Series News [Gonca Vuslateri] new series started

[Gonca Vuslateri] new series started


[Gonca Vuslateri] latest news …

Actress, in the order of “My Dangerous Wife”

Series, will be published on Show TV screen in Turkey.

GoncaVuslateri and SeckinOzdemir are leading actors in the series.

The story of the Derin and Alper characters will be told.

The series deals with the frenzied changes that a wife and her husband’s relationships that begin with love, are increasing day by day as well.

My Dangerous Wife is getting ready to connect audiences to the screens with her immersive story.


Derin (GoncaVuslateri), devoted herself to her husband and home; young, beautiful, rich and intelligent. The only thing that matters to her in life is her husband, Alper’s (Seckin Ozdemir), the love she heard. Alper is a handsome young man, raised by his mother and sister in one of Istanbul’s middle-class neighborhoods.

Alper is struggling to stand on his own feet as he gets used to getting support from women throughout his life. One is a control-loving wife, the other is between his forbidden love of dragging his irreversible faults.

After learning that she was deceived by her husband, she is wondering how far she can go to win it back.