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21 May 2022 21:44


Burak Yamantürk will appear before his fans with two new projects

Burak Yamantürk, who recently came to the Fox TV screens with the series “Elbet Bir Gün”, has played a role in national channels in recent years. Burak Yamantürk appears in front of his fans who miss him with two productions.

Aslında Özgürsün (Actually You’re Free) series, in which the handsome actor starred with Deniz Çakır and Bade İşil, began broadcasting on Gain TV.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by women’s rights defender, journalist and writer Duygu Asena, the series opened with an intriguing shooting scene. The performances of the leading actors Deniz Çakır and Bade İşcil and accompanying them Burak Yamantürk and Saygın Soysal received full marks from the audience.

On May 13, Burak Yamantürk will meet with cinema lovers with the movie Allah Yazdıysa Bozsun, in which he shared the lead role with Gonca Vuslateri.

The story of the film, which was produced by Ferit Turan, the founder of Lara1 Production, was written by Gökçe Tezdoğan and Gökhan Yıldız.

The other actors of the movie “Allah Yazdıysa Bozsun”, directed by Barış Yöş, are as follows: “Öznur Serçeler, Pelin Öztekin, Emre Dinler, Merve Sarıtaş, Emre Bulut, Walison Fonseca, Nurseli İdiz, Köksal Engür.”

The most ambitious Romantic Comedy Film of the Year, Allah Yazdıysa Bozsun’s subject is as follows; Irmak (Gonca Vuslateri), in her 30s, puts a key under her pillow in her first home and dreams that her best friend Eliz (Öznur Serçeler) is getting married to her fiancé, Burak (Burak Yamantürk). The film is about the funny story of this dream that makes one say “If God Wrote It, Let It Go”.

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