Series News Great love that started in Wounded Love!

Great love that started in Wounded Love!


The Wounded Love TV series is broadcast in many countries.

On TV, Hilal and Leon are in love.

Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum interviewed Hürriyet newspaper.

“This love has witnessed the whole world”

– You left behind the ‘Arrow’ knight players in the ‘best of the screen’ contest organized by Entertainment.

BORAN: ‘We knew that Wounded Love was globalized. There were also organized from there. We are already showing great interest. Not only are they voting, but they also do very interesting things.

* E.g.

BORAN: They opened a water well in Africa as a birthday gift.

MIRAY: My name is a playroom in the Child Protection Agency.

* Why is it so attractive between you and the couple on the screen?

MIRAY: We were able to touch so many people that we talk about love. My character is in love with a Turkish girl and a Greek teenager who is dependent on her character. It is purely human, rooted in pure humanity. The language of love and love is the same everywhere.

BORAN: We all have labels, not our own choice or our own choice. Now we are living at such a time that everyone has decided to judge each other accordingly. In fact, in the early days of the story, people who evaluated each other according to their labels turned into two characters revealed the human side. Then they started to love each other. This is very powerful and something we all need.

* Do you think love, language, religion, race discrimination?

BORAN :: Your love; language, religion, race, etc. If you are considering these criteria, it is not the love you feel, but something else.

* Is there a love between you and the magazine agenda?

BORAN :: We are very good friends.

* The number of screenings for your first kiss in the series has exceeded 4 million on YouTube. Did not you feel anything on stage?

BORAN: If the feelings we play are cruel, when we play a killer, we need to hear human killing.