Series News There are some question marks in the Name:Zehra TV series!

There are some question marks in the Name:Zehra TV series!


Name:Name 2nd episode of Zehra TV series released

Observers actually have many question marks.

Their main roles are Zeynep Çamcı, Hatice Aslan and Alican Yücesoy.

An exciting series.

Zehra flees from the persecution of his character father. Change the name to Hande. He enters a family environment he does not know. Şule, who puts herself in place of her daughter, affects tears. He does not want to fool the Shule.

Zehra decides to tell everything to the police.

Alican Yücesoy played Serkan’s mother Şule. The conversations between the mother and her son made it possible for the audience to unite the broken pieces.

Şule also knows very well that Zehra is not a Hande.

What were the clues to Şule and Serkan’s speech?

Hande is probably dead. What’s wrong with Şule? It turned out that Serkan was also aware of all that happened.

The conversation with Serkan’s mother gave some clues about the story of the series.

Şule knows that Zehra is not a daughter. But when he sees him, he realizes how much he misses Hande. She has the possibility of her being her.

Şule suffers from conscience. She has committed suicide a few times.

There is a terrible secret about Hande. The tower is also responsible for his death.

Hande looked on a short scene.

Hande lying in his bed had a hand that closed his mouth.

Hande’s got terrible things.

What could Hande have lived in?

Zehra is trying to find out what’s in Hande. Finds Hande’s diary.

The square black stone ring is next to the diary.

In the article dated May 20, 2010, the following is written:

“Today my mother was finding my notebook. I have to hide a place where no one can find it. Nobody should ever read the ones written here! ”

Hande does not want her mother to know whatever it is.

Zehra, who went to the police, testified. It is curious how his father and his brother will escape.

Hatice Aslan, who played the character of Şule, impressed everybody. There was a tearful scene.

Here is the scene that Şule spoke to his son: