We are promoting Aslı Bekiroğlu!
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3 October 2022 08:17


We are promoting Aslı Bekiroğlu!

New comedy tv series started seeing a lot of interest in Turkey.

Tv series name Jet Society …

Gülse Birsel writes both the script and plays the mystery character.

There is a young actress who draws attention in the series … Name Aslı Bekiroğlu ….

The series is portraying the character of Melike.

Melike, who stands out with his outspoken talks, is gaining great acclaim …

The career journey of Aslı Bekiroğlu is full of coincidence.

She played a minor role in other series. Now the luck is with him …

It was to be an imaginary singer. She explained how she was discovered:

“It was to be a real singer. Actually I did not have a mind, but life is full of surprises. ”

She was studying in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at university, but froze the school because of the array density.

She enjoys singing, playing piano and harp.

Familiar with the videos that Aslı Bekiroğlu took in social media.

The Vine platform provided her recognition.

Here is interview with Aslı Bekiroğlu:

How did you discover it?

It was not my dream to be a real singer. I met Vine and everything grew like an avalanche. My purpose was to be recognized, people did not know my name. As an intermediary, I have always seen singer; but life is full of surprises.

How are you involved in the Jet society chart?

Ever since I started acting I wanted to work with Gülse Birsel. Thank goodness she was. I’m so excited to hear Audition want. I’ve been working very hard.

Are you a true character in your real life?

It is my outspoken, and sometimes it is misplaced.

Does Gülse Birsel have a suggestion for you?

Of course it does. Even when she is not, I ask him where I hang out. It’s very helpful.

How are the shots going?

Incredibly pleasant. There are times when we can not smile. If the set is out, it’s absolutely low in spleen.

What are your future plans?

I support the actress to make the power as long as I can. Because I do it very much. Besides my plans to finish my school and open a small dietician office.

Here is a scene from the line:


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