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17 May 2022 17:08


Great news for his fans from Burak Sergen, who left the TV series Sadakatsiz!

The 49th episode of the TV series Sadakatsiz was broadcast on Wednesday evenings, and the audience sadly learned that Burak Sergen, who plays the character of Haluk Güçlü, said goodbye to the story.

After the character of Haluk had a fight with Aras, he had a heart attack and was thrown to the ground in the middle of the room. With this scene, Burak Sergen said goodbye to the TV series in which he has been playing since the first episode. His game, which caught the coronavirus in April last year, remained in the hospital for 45 days and was treated in intensive care for a long time.

Burak Sergen, who did not leave the series despite this heavy period, was an important part of the story in the second season. As of the 49th episode, the actor’s role is over. So what does Burak Sergen say about this situation?

The actor, who was displayed in the shopping center, stated that he left the series when his character died. Expressing that he founded the Burak Sergen theater, the experienced actor gave a new good news to his fans.

Burak Sergen stated that they rehearsed and discussed with his friends how to proceed, and said, “It’s wonderful, good things are happening.”

Thanking his friends for their farewell posts, the actor said, “It was good, I made a very good final for myself.”

Stating that new offers are coming, the actor stated that he wants to rest a bit and will give importance to theater studies.

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