Artists News Hande Doğandemir could not prevent a talent from becoming atrophied over the years!

Hande Doğandemir could not prevent a talent from becoming atrophied over the years!


Famous actress Hande Doğnademir was born in Ankara and spent many years in Ankara for her education. The actress, who studied at a French-language school during her middle and high school years, then went to France and continued her education there for six months.

After graduating from the Department of Sociology at Ankara University, Faculty of Language and History, Geography, the actress then embarked on an acting adventure in Istanbul.

Explaining that she went to France with Erasmus during her university period, the actress said, “I studied at Lille University for six months. After that, I came and wrote my thesis,” she said. Explaining that her French is better than English and that she can tell her troubles, the actress could not prevent her ability to speak a language to atrophy over the years.

Hande Doğandemir said, “I can tell my problem in English. My French is better. After learning French, English was very difficult. I will explain my problem somehow,” she said.

Stating that she did not receive a role offer in French, the actress mentioned that this issue about her life is not well known. The actress said, “I would like to play a French role, but people don’t know much that I speak French. I forgot too much. From time to time, I share stories in which I speak French. People are very surprised, they don’t know,” she said.

The actress, who was asked to read the questions in French in the program, read the question about the project named Hayatımın Aşkı (Love of My Life) in French. In 2016, the actress, who took the lead role in the TV series named Hayatımın Aşkı, portrayed the character Gökçe Şenkal.

Explaining that the 17-episode series amused her a lot, the actress stated that the Hayatımın Aşkı is one of her favorite series.

The famous actress appeared on the screen with the TV series Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother”, which was broadcast on Star TV and portrayed a very different female character. The actress, who was evaluated as having a very successful acting, also experienced the unfortunateness of the short duration of the project due to the ratings.