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7 July 2022 02:12


Handsome actor Kubilay Aka chose his new project!

Kubilay Aka, who made his name known to the audience for the first time with Vatanım Sensin broadcast on Kanal D, and made a big leap in his career with Çukur, has determined his new project.

Kubilay Aka, whom we watched on Star TV with the series Cam Tavanlar, shared the lead role with Bensu Soral in the series, which attracted attention with its extraordinary subject. The series, which tells the story of women’s struggle to survive in the business world, was decided to end due to low ratings. The audience could not match Bensu Soral and Kubilay Aka, and did not find the story realistic.

Kubilay Aka, who became silent after the end of the series, came to the agenda this time with the series Love 101. The series, whose shooting was completed about a year ago, finally aired on Netflix yesterday. The series, in which Kubilay Aka took part in one of the leading roles, also turned the agenda upside down on social media.

Right after, Kubilay Aka’s new project was announced. According to this, Kubilay Aka will be another leading actor in the TV series Modern Kadın, in which İrem Sak wrote the story and starred in the lead role.

İrem Sak and Kubilay Aka had previously acted together in the Çukur series. The two met again in a TV series after a short break. İrem Sak has stepped into the world of screenwriting with the TV series Modern Kadın.

The shooting of the series, which will be broadcast on a digital channel, has begun. There will be many guest actors in the series, which will consist of different stories and will be shot in 10 episodes.

Ayberk Sak, the older brother of İrem Sak, the director of the TV series Modern Kadın, in which Özlem Tokarslan, Gözde Kaya and Hakan Salınmış also took part.

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