Series News Harassment of ‘Forbidden Apple’ is scandalous!

Harassment of ‘Forbidden Apple’ is scandalous!


There was a scandal in the set of the index, which is very much watched about the harassment of the society is sensitive.

Master actor TalatBulut was involved in the name abuse scandal.

According to the idea, costume assistant ÖzgeSimsek harassed.

ÖzgeŞimşek said, “I will fix TalatBulut’s tie,” Come, let’s look at the back. ” He kissed me there on my drip and went away. I stood in shock with that event and I went out to the crew. No one was there when I kissed me. But I have witnesses calling me there. ”

ÖzgeŞimşek stating that the criminal case will open, “Tomorrow I will prosecute witnesses. I will open a criminal case, not a pecuniary damages claim. They should not be unpunished, no one else lives with me. ”

According to ÖzgeŞimşek’s claim, TalatBulut wanted to compromise with herself but she did not accept it.

FatihAksoy, the producer of the series, said that he was investigating the issue and said that he was seeing with the parties. “If the prosecutor decides to investigate this case, I will cancel the contract with TalatBulut. We will wait for the judicial process “.

An explanation came from TalatBulut, who was curious about what everyone would say.

TalatBulut’s lawyer’s explanation is as follows:

“My client, TalatBulut, is a few days away from the social media and the claims made in other media today are totally unfounded.

TalatBulut has been a respectable artist for 42 years and is a highly respected artist who has won the appreciation of its fans for their sensitivity to social issues.

The client, a young girl’s father, was left under suspicion that the society was sensitive, and the reputation in front of society was tried to be damaged. We refuse to disclose all claims regarding my client and we declare in full respect to the public that we will immediately exercise our right to legal action against the party concerned. ”

Although the parties talk about the difference, the decision to give the producer FatihAksoy in between was a big curiosity.

However, the ‘Forbidden Apple’ series, which has a very good outcome from all these woes.

The series is a big loss of image, along with the alleged harassment claim.

Also, if the lead actor breaks out, it will show a lot in the audience’s eyes, even if it brings a powerful name.