Series News Has the Dünya Hali been a victim of ratings? Surprising new decision from TRT!

Has the Dünya Hali been a victim of ratings? Surprising new decision from TRT!

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TRT 1’s absurd comedy series Dünya Hali continues to broadcast with its own dedicated fan base, although it does not receive high ratings. The broadcast time of the series, which was broadcast on Wednesday evenings, has been changed.

The Dünya Hali series, which has attracted the attention of the audience since the first day it started broadcasting with references to today’s relationships, tells the funny story of Sinan, who tries everything he can to reach the woman he loves.

The Dünya Hali series, starring Caner Şahin and Pelin Abay, was broadcast every Wednesday evening at 20:00. However, the time of the series was changed with the final decision. The Dünya Hali series will come from now on at 22:30.

Five episodes of the Dünya Hali series have been published so far. Although it is a new series, the fact that Dünya Hali went very low in the ratings was a situation that TRT 1 did not expect. The Dünya Hali series, which received a very bad rating especially with its fourth episode, was ranked 29th among all people, while it was ranked 27th in the EU and 25th in ABC1.

Obviously, the bad course of the ratings forced TRT 1 to take a new decision. This is probably why the show’s broadcast time was changed. However, it seems that they wants to continue on his way with the Dünya Hali for a while.

The sixth episode of Dünya Hali will be on TRT 1 on Wednesday, August 25 at 22:30. The audience knows well that TRT has continued the low-rated TV series in the past years. It was very remarkable that the public broadcaster changed the time for its new series, which aired 5 more episodes.

Prime-time includes the most ambitious series, but now the Dünya Hali will be on the screen after prime-time. This means that in the new period, TRT1 will decide by looking at the performances of the series.