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6 July 2022 12:48


Hayri entered Camdaki Kız, confused! Will he be a good or a bad character?

The tension is rising in Camdaki Kız, one of the most ambitious series of Kanal D, which is broadcast on Thursday evenings. With the long-awaited character of Hayri entering the story, the series gained a new dimension. Those who expected a rude and bad Hayri were surprised to meet a good man.

The character of Hayri, who will change the course of the story in the second season of Camdaki Kız, finally entered the series yesterday. The audience was wondering what kind of character Hayri was. However, what they saw confused them a bit.

According to the book the series is adapted from, Hayri is a rough, uneducated man. Nalan, who was brought up wrapped in cotton, will fall in love with Hayri, whom she only cares about. Hayri showed himself in the story last night. He came across as a rude but very kind-hearted man.

The performance of Cihangir Ceyhan, who plays Hayri, also received full marks from the audience. Cihangir Ceyhan, who reveals a great Hayri character with his looks and facial expressions, will obviously take an even bigger step in his career with Camdaki Kız.

However, the character of Hayri confused the audience. Hayri and Nalan’s first meeting, their naive attitude towards each other and their glances made the audience find themselves in a romantic scene. The naivety of Hayri, who was actually expected to be a rude character, changed the way the audience looked at the character. Hayri suddenly turned into a very popular character. As a matter of fact, the audience expressed their admiration for Hayri in their social media posts.

However, there are those who think the opposite. Pointing out that Hayri, who seems kind-hearted, could be so bad as to look sideways at a married woman, the audience expressed that they would definitely not approve of this relationship. In short, the character of Hayri confused the fans of the Camdaki Kız.

You can see some of the audience comments below:

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