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7 July 2022 01:36


Hazal Kaya, what are you doing in your free time?

Famous actress Hazal Kaya is currently playing in Our Story series on Fox TV.

Hazal Kaya, who gives life to the character of Filiz, is in an intense tempo.

The index’s ratings are good and the fan base is solid.

Hazal Kaya has an intensive program, but She also manages to spare time.

What is Hazal Kaya doing in her free time?

Hazal Kaya, who does not appear very often at night, broke this rule for the invitation of a friend the previous evening.

Kaya, seen in the party, said that her life passed between the set and the house.

The beautiful actress who is dazzling with her green outfit said, “I only sleep in my free time.”

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