Hazal Türesan has a new series
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29 March 2023 15:41


Hazal Türesan has a new series

The first season of the A Miracle series, which lasts for 28 episodes, is a great success story… One of the architects of this success is Hazal Türesan, who gave life to the character of Beliz… The famous actress who made the series get great ratings with her roles, will continue her role in the A Miracle series in the new season.

Hazal Türesan is also among the actress who did not leave the theater. The actress, who continues her theater work in addition to the A Miracle series, is a versatile name …

The projects of Hazal Türesan in the upcoming period are not limited to this. She is also preparing a new series. Hazal Türesan joined the cast of Netflix series Fatma.

As it is known in the Fatma series, Burcu Biricik plays the leading role … Melis Sezen, Çağdaş Onur Öztürk are among the newcomers to the series …

It was revealed that Gökçe Eyüboğlu, Deniz Hamzaoğlu and Uğur Yücel were also in the cast of the series whose script was written by Özgür Önürme.

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