Who is Demet Evgar? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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5 October 2022 14:20


Who is Demet Evgar? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Demet Evgar was born on May 19, 1980 in Manisa. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Demet Evgar
Date of Birth: May 19, 1980
Place of Birth: Manisa
Height: 1.63 m.
Weight: 53 kilos
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Mother: Bingül Evgar
Father: Levent Evgar
Siblings: Yiğit Evgar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/temedragve/
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: Originally from Albanian descent, she has a brother.

Childhood years: Happy grew up in a family where she was accepted and valued. “When I was a child, my dreams were not settled. It was not said, “Shut up, you don’t know!” My grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, grandmother, aunt, my mother, my aunts – everyone really saw me as an individual and gave importance to communication. Not only because we are a family, we really know and loved each other as ‘people’ and this is a very precious thing. When my father talked to me, he would speak at my eye level. I have always been made to feel that I am an individual. It was my biggest chance. So I was an individual. You become very free and relaxed with the confidence given by him. ”

Education life: She graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the character of ‘Defne’ in ‘Sweet Life’ series.

With which project did it shine? She drew attention with the character of “Lieutenant Çiğdem” ​​in the “Order Commander” series.

Personality traits: She thinks that as she gets older, she becomes more colorful and starts to love herself more. “I feel that I am getting more colors, that I am more aware of my colors. Because I’ve been in life for a longer time; so I’m going inside something that I know more. I also know how much this can change. I love getting old. Much younger people also inspire me a lot. Perhaps they are not aware of what they actually know. When I was younger, I was criticizing myself from here and there, but now when I look back then I say ‘I knew something at that time too’. Young people, perhaps like me, are not aware of how much they know. That’s why I’m making more use of them right now. ”

Mindset: There is a soul that cannot fit into a package. It really reflects what is happening inside and outside. “Because life is too important and valuable to sacrifice. Everyone has the right to bullshit, but as much as they want. As time progresses, one gets to know himself better. Whatever I do, I’ll be happy or unhappy, you know that. Thus, as the age progresses, the surrender to life increases. From the moment we come to the world, the feeling of freedom drags us after us. And we’ve actually been in a big prison from the moment we were born. Because we are limited to five senses no matter what, but we are not really just five senses. For this reason, I do not think that it is a place, a country where one can have one hundred percent freedom. When a person dies, he is completely free. I guess the only solution is to offer ourselves some extraterrestrial freedom. ”

First motion picture: Mustafa Altıoklar / Banyo

Look at love: “When you are in love, your chemistry can change suddenly. However, I think love is not just a feeling that can be trapped between two people. All beings are created with love and all beings have come to experience love. I went on a hunger strike at home to enter the conservatory. It was a great love for me. Love is too strong to be put between two things. So thank God, I am always in love. ”

View of life: She has always pursued information throughout her life. “Life knows me better than I do. She’s forcing me sweet sweet little little. As you take a step, it brings a new change. We have a nice conversation with him. I’m after knowledge, and I’ve always been like that. I also have Albanian veins, my nerves can jump. It’s very classic, but lying is the thing I am most nervous about. ”

Her view of business life: She sees herself as a storyteller. When choosing which role to play, the sentence of the work and what it says to itself and to the audience is important. “My face is a mask, a plastic. Anyway, the imposed understanding of beauty seems very ugly to me. The beauty that everyone is a prototype for is outrageous. Because beauty is an aesthetic. She has knowledge in it. I think what makes a person charismatic is her inner energy. Her eyes, her look. They never change. What I do, let me just take a stage, not just about everyone clapping me. Apart from these, it has a different meaning, after thinking about this meaning, this job turned into another life purpose for me. Everyone’s talent is different. If I have a talent related to acting, every talent comes to be shared. As soon as I discovered this, acting became another meaning. Because there has been theater since humanity existed. The essence of all psychotherapy is actually to give the audience that catharsis. People can see themselves and be treated. So it has a verbal purpose. My job is to tell stories. What I am telling is very important. That’s why, for example, after “One Woman One Man” was finished, I haven’t made a TV series again for four years. What I do goes hand in hand with my life purpose, the way I exist. That is why it is very precious for me to have everything I am in telling something, holding a mirror somewhere, opening the curtain of a place. ”

Career plan: There are many more projects she wants to do about women. She’s working on it. This is just one of your life goals. “There are many stories of women buried under the ground in this country, Hedda may be a story written in Norway in the 1800s, but at that time, there are many stories in these lands that feel and cannot come out. If I have such a chance in this century as Demet and those women did not have such a chance at that time, I take it as a task and it is good for me. It cleanses me too. First I do it for myself, I do it to purify myself. ”

Which one left the most traces in the works she has been involved in so far? There have been many projects that left a mark in your life. “I can’t say a single one, of course” Women of Beyza “was a job that had a different place, followed by” One Woman, One Man “. There I met myself from elsewhere. Afterwards, “Courtyard” is a very important place for me and “Hedda Gabler”. After taking part in all of these things, I tell myself, “From now on, nothing will be the same as before.”

Cinema? Theater? Apart from being with the audience in the theater for two months, actually closing yourself off and working is a very important part of the human will, human beings begin to evolve somewhere else, both as an actor and as a human being. Of course, it is beneficial to work with such a great concentration, but for example, the series “The Courtyard” was also a very instructive job for me, which I opened up many other doors about myself. In this sense, I cannot divide it into theater or TV series. The team you work with is important in all these jobs, the same is true in all the jobs I take part in. These are the work done with the team. I will also not be able to pull myself away. It is not enough just to be you, this is a situation that supports each other. For cinema, theater or TV series, I can say that these works all feed each other. Of course, the dynamics are changing, the place you do is different, but the discipline and pleasure are indistinguishable from each other.

Concerns: Her heart hurts when she sees destruction associated with animals, nature and children. “Because the potential of a person who harms an animal is definitely a villain. This is the condition of being human. And we haven’t been human yet. We are human when we are sensitive. We think that our emotions make us human, whereas emotions can sometimes lead to our silly stories. Therefore, the important thing for human beings is to remain sensitive. ”

Relationship with nature She thinks that the more man gets away from nature, the more she moves away from herself. “Whether in prison or in the heart of the metropolis, everybody’s imprisonment for themselves. I know exactly from myself. When I go to the village, when I touch the tree, when I step on the ground, my habit and water change. I love going to the Belgrad Forest, to the old baths of Istanbul. I rowed in the Golden Horn for a long time. I want to start again. I am charging myself when I am in nature. My house is very close to Sabancı Museum, I love its cafe very much. Very good food and good service there, I recommend it to everyone. I also love to travel from the coast to Kanlıca. I lived in Galata for six years, one of my indispensable walks in Eminönü. ”

Which book was affected by? ‘Women Running with the Wolves’ “A must read by everyone, especially women. It serves as a guide for the woman to open herself to her intuition, to realize her own strength and to understand herself. First the woman has to understand herself. In order to explain, you will first understand yourself, and in order to understand, first you will accept that you do not understand. When you begin to understand yourself as a woman and realize her strength, you will be understood by everyone, because if she is not understood, the world will not get better. ”

Her favorite feature? She loves to make people happy. “But I think my favorite thing is to be friends with myself, animals, and my family. I try to be a ‘good friend’ the most. So this may be one of the things that is in my prayer, and friendship is something I really treasure. Animals are owned or something, I think there is no such ownership situation. The animal is also your friend. You can’t own it or anything. ”


1995- A Bundle of Theater / Capital

1997- Cicek Taxi / Safiye

2000-Number Seven / Yeliz

2002 -Aslı and Kerem / Yeliz

2002 – Sweet Life / Defne-İhsan Yıldırım’s secretary

2003 – Do not collapse my home / Hülya

2004-Çınaraltı / Nilüfer

2004-All My Children / Eyşan

2005 – My Emret Commander / Lieutenant Çiğdem

2006 – Men Don’t Cry / Zeynep

2007- Youth, Smoke on My Head

2008/2015 -1 Female 1 Male / Zeynep Yıldırım

2014-1 Male 1 Female 2 Child

2017 – You Are My Land / Kara Fatma

2018 – Courthouse / Deniz Demir

2020- After the Flames


2005 -Banyo / Hülya

2006-Women of Beyza / Beyza Türker

2009 -I saw the sun / Havar

2009-Yahşi Batı / Suzan Van Dycke

2010 -Wow Friend / Nil

2011- Is There a Cast? / Demet Evgar (Short Film)

2013 -You Light Up the Night / Yasemin

2015 No More! Ceyda

2015-Bad Cat Şerafettin / Misket and Tacettin (Voice)

2017-Between the Family / Fade

2017-Love Doesn’t Need Seeing Eyes / Handan

2017-Table Secrets / Neslihan


2019- Hedda Gabler / Hedda

2016- Cocoons

2016- 39 Steps / Annabella

2014- Sait Faik / Narrator

2014- King (Jester) Lear / Goneril

2012- Macbeth / Lady Macbeth

2010- Stingy

2008- 39 Steps / Annabella

2006- Anna Karenina

2006- Night Season / Judith


2018 – 37th Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Comedy Actress / Table Secrets

2018 – 37th Istanbul Film Festival / Best Actress / Table Secrets

2018 – 23rd Sadri Alışık Awards / Best Female Comedy Player / Among the Family

2017 – Direklerarası Theater Awards / Comedy Actress / 39 Steps

2017 – Yeküv Vasfi Rıza Zobu Theater Award / Best Actress / 39 Steps

2014 – 19 Sadri Alışık Awards / Best Supporting Actress / You Light Up the Night

2012 – Antalya Television Awards / Best Female Comedy Player / 1 Female 1 Male

2010 – Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Female Comedy Player / 1 Female 1 Male

2010 – 1st İsmail Cem Television Awards – / Best Female Comedy Actor / 1 Female 1 Male

2010 – 8th Theater Awards – / Actress of the Year / Miser

2005 – Sadri Alışık Awards / Best Supporting Actress / Night Season

2005 – 10th Afife Theater Awards / Most Successful Actress of the Year in a Supporting Role / Night Season

2005 – Lions Awards / Best Supporting Actress / Night Season

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