Heartbeat TV line breaks heart (ÖyküÇelik), became a soldier!
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27 November 2022 15:20


Heartbeat TV line breaks heart (ÖyküÇelik), became a soldier!

In the Heartbeat final, which we finished in 2017 (ÖyküÇelik), we started a new lap without giving a break.

Short Steel became a soldier in the new role!

It was a new addition to the lineup of the Fox TV series (Warrior). (ÖyküÇelik)’s role has been waiting for photos of the shoots have reached my site.

In the 34th episode of the (Warrior) series, which will be released on Sunday, March 4, the famous actress will give life to “Yeter Alayunt” character.

The 25-year-old actress, who will play the daughter of a farmer’s family in Edirne; In a disciplined and rigid role …

The actress will appear in front of the audience as a soldier who fits in all the rules that your soldier brings.


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