Here is the most challenging scene for Onur Durmaz in the Yargı series!
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29 March 2023 19:07


Here is the most challenging scene for Onur Durmaz in the Yargı series!

Onur Durmaz attracted a lot of attention with his Kanal D series “Yargı” and became a hot topic with his successful performance. The actor, who received thousands of messages from social media due to the character in the series, said that when he met the audience on the street, they were constantly talking about the series.

Talking about the scene where he had the most difficulty during the shooting of the TV series, Onur Durmaz, he stated that some scenes that the audience would not think were so difficult were very stressful for him.

Explaining that he had a hard time in driving scenes, Onur Durmaz said that he did not drive very actively. The actor, who has a driver’s license for nearly 10 years, has experienced uneasiness because he does not drive in recent years.

Explaining that the stress in the scene he drives can be read on his face, the actor said, “I am driving, there is a camera in front of me, there is a camera next to me. I have to act the scene, those were the scenes where I was most nervous,” he said.

Explaining that he has not been actively driving for the last 5-6 years, Onur Durmaz explained that for some reason he had a hard time in such scenes.

Despite the fact that the production helped him in these scenes, the actor experienced great stress during the moments when he was driving the most in the series and had a hard time at those moments.

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